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Very professional and good experience.
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Our goal is to make your loan application process quicker, simpler and more transparent. As Hong Kong's only true personal loan comparison service, we support you all the way from application to disbursement. Click below to read more about Lendela and how we empower thousands of loan-seeking Hongkongers every month.

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How to borrow money online — Lendela's guide

Today, no one has to go through a hassle in order to borrow money. In addition to banks, there are licensed companies which offer easy-to-apply loans. The application process can be fully online Just switch on your mobile phone or laptop, fill out your information, and wait for the approval. By applying on a loan comparison platform like Lendela, the chances of getting approved increases as your application is sent to a number of banks and lenders at the same time.

Borrow money online here

You could get a generous loan amount even with on an average monthly income. Like other loans, personal loans also come in different forms. All the debtors have different packages with various terms to offer to their clients. To make a smart decision in desperate times, you ought to compare the different rates that are available in the market. That’s where Lendela comes in handy.

This article will explain the things you need to know about borrowing money online. By using Lendela’s guide, you do not have to worry about filling the gap between salaries, and will be able to fix any financial emergency.

Borrow money with Lendela; the fast and easy way

Getting started is easy with Lendela. If you need support, our customer service advisor will — together with you — go through the entire application process, every step of the way. We will help to find the best personal loan for you. The process and requirements are so fast and simple that you could get your individual loan paid out in just a couple of days. And the application itself doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Frequently cited purposes of borrowing money

Here are the most common reasons Lendela’s customer search for a personal loan:

1. Renovation

A personal loan could be a perfect option to fund your home renovation. Whether you want to paint your wall a new colour, do landscaping or hardscaping, or even add a balcony, a personal loan can most certainly help.

2. Car purchase

Do you need a new car but are worried about the upfront cost? Buy your car financed with a personal loan, the depositing the loan into your personal account. You can then use the cash to pay the car deposit or finance your car.

3. Debt consolidation

A common use for personal loan is to use it to consolidate debt. Imagine having more than one loan or an outstanding credit card balance with different interest rates each month — consolidate all your debts into one account! This is the best financial solution and it makes for easier payment within a reasonable timespan.

4. Pay off credit card

Settling your credit card balance can be one of the benefits of taking a personal loan. Consolidate your outstanding credit card balances and pay a lower interest rate using a personal loan. That is one definite way of managing your debt efficiently without too much worry! No more late payments or missed settlements dates, when you can focus on just the one bill.

5. Vacation

Planning a year-end vacation to some place nice with your family or friends? Or celebrating your wedding anniversary on a luxurious cruise? Sometimes vacations can be quite pricey and hard to plan with a limited budget. Just as personal loans can assist with your upfront fee for your car, it can also be used to aid your vacation plans.

6. Studies

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their family’s financial support to further their studies. Though students can opt for student loans (and many do) and scholarships, not every student is eligible to apply for these options. Using personal loans to fund your education is beneficial in many ways: freedom to select your preferred course, flexible repayment terms, and help in building your credit score.

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Why you should borrow money using Lendela

The best personal loans are determined on your financial situation and requirements. To help you decide the ideal personal loan package for you, Lendela sends your loan application to multiple banks and lenders, and lets you select the best interest rate and payment tenure suitable to your needs.

This is what you can get when applying at Lendela:

  • Personal loan up to HK$1,000,000

  • Easy online application done in 2 minutes

  • No processing fee — 100% free of charge

  • Loan repayment tenure: 12 months - 72 months (6 years)

How do I get the lowest interest rate?

Anyone thinking about applying for a personal loan often considers the interest rate factor and the duration of the repayment. Unlike credit card interest rates, personal loan interest is normally fixed for each month of the loan tenure. The longer your chosen payment duration, the lower the monthly cost.

Apply for a personal loan with Lendela — we will help to compare various loan offers as we are getting you in contact with multiple banks and lenders in Hong Kong. You simply submit your application on our website and we’ll do the rest of the process for you.

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